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In and around Kotzebue

body_activities_kotzebue02.jpgThe Nullaġvik Kotzebue Tour

Kotzebue has long been the heart of Alaska’s northwest arctic region. With the Nullaġvik's city tour, guests will have the opportunity to listen closely to that heartbeat, getting a fuller picture of Kotzebue’s past and present by visiting local points of interest. The story teller (aka tour guide) will ensure that the guests get more than just a sightseeing trip—they will gain a deeper understanding of the history, culture and way of life of the Inupiaq people of the region and, more specifically, of Kotzebue.  The tour, lasting approximately 3-4 hours, begins in the Nullaġvik’s Observation Room, overlooking Kotzebue Sound, and will include stops at the Northwest Arctic Heritage Center, the remnants of the cold war White Alice Communication Station, Devil’s Lake, the local gift shop and the grocery store. The tour will end at the Nullaġvik Restaurant, bringing the tour full circle and offering guests a chance to sample some local dishes.

Please inquire at the front desk for availability.

body_activities_nwarcticheritagecenter.jpgNorthwest Arctic Heritage Center — website

The Northwest Arctic Heritage Center is a multi-purpose facility that houses the National Park Service’s administrative offices and also serves as the visitor’s center, offering the people of the region and visitors from around the world a high-quality interpretive experience and a variety of educational programs. The Center’s 90-person multipurpose room hosts programs ranging from Junior Rangers, to research presentations, to native crafts and dancing. Many exhibits are on display at the center and include items from the region’s residents such as a woman’s parka, red fox fur hat, umiak frame, and fish net.

For more information contact the Northwest Arctic Heritage Center at (907) 442-3890.

body_activities_fishcamp.jpgLaVonne’s Fish Camp — website

Six miles south of Kotzebue and 20 miles north of the Arctic Circle you’ll find LaVonne’s Fish Camp. At LaVonne’s Fish Camp, you’ll get more than an excursion; you’ll get an education, spending real time with the Native people and learning how they’ve lived off the land for thousands of years. Fish camp is a core part of the subsistence activities of the Inupiat. Through Arctic Circle Educational Adventures, you can participate in those activities which can include catching, cutting and drying fish and gathering other foods.  Opportunities abound for bird watching, hiking and beach combing too!


Alaska is famous as the Last Frontier, and the area around Kotzebue certainly fits that moniker. The Kobuk, Noatak and Selawik rivers are great favorites of rafters and kayakers the world over. The Squirrel River, which flows out of the Noatak preserve's Baird Mountains, is another option for water going enthusiasts. And, of course, the options for camping are limited only by your taste for adventure. Charter flights around the region.


body_activities_nationalpark.jpgKotzebue is surrounded on all sides by national parks and preserves. For the nature enthusiast there is no better place from which to launch all your adventures and explorations than the Nulla?vik Hotel.

Learn more about the region’s parks and areas of interest by clicking on the links below.

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